Hello it's me Gumball2, and I'm here to review "The Case." saga.


"The Case" takes place several months after Emily's Vengence Saga. This is basically the trial against charges Emily has made for kidnapping Gumball and Penny from Emily's Vengence Saga. The saga also introduces a new made up character, Dan Livingstone who is a 12 year old boy wishing to pursue a future in journalism. I like Dan, but I think he's a little irratating, considering he's willing to report on a serious case. But I don't mind too much, if that's his dream, then I won't stop him from I also like the constant fighting going on. The one thing I don't like about this saga is that the verdict was predictable. There wasn't enough evidence defending Emily to make it suspenseful. But all in all, it was a pretty good saga.

Rating: 9/10 SUPERB

  • Leaves off on Emily's Vengence Saga
  • Lots of Court Drama
  • Emily is in jail, HOORAY!

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