The following has been moved from a page into a blog post to save space. This was created by user Gumball2.

Hello it's me Gumball2, and I'm here to review Emily's Vengence Series by WikiStarter.

In my eyes, this saga is a masterpiece. I like of how it picks up on what happened after "The Girl". It was full of suspense, and entertainment. I just wanted to keep on reading. It was an excellent execution of events and characters. The parts ended at the right time, just like a commercial break. There's also a great story behind it. Of course, Gumball broke up with Emily. So she gets her revenge by kidnapping Gumball and Penny. I appreciate Emily's hatred of Penny, and her plot to kill Penny. And I like how it's up to Darwin and Stace to go on to save the the day. I'm not going the ending, but you're really going to like it. I highly recommend you read this saga. If you haven't, then go read it immediatley. Because if you don't, then you'll miss out on such mastery of fanfiction. Reading it is like ice cream to your eyes. Go on to read it NOW!

Rating: 10/10 MASTERPIECE

  • Excellent execution
  • Suspense at every turn
  • Amazing story

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