Hello, I'm the Fanfiction Critic reviewing WikiStarter's Emily's Veangence saga! Requested by Darwin 3288765.

Emily's Veangence saga is a 6-part fanfiction saga about a cat named Emily Cartridge getting revenge after her boyfriend, Gumball Watterson, breaks up with her. The story was packed with action and suspence. The plot was clear and logical. The use of the characters mixed with the made-up characters were put in such good use that it felt like a movie. Honestly, the saga was shorter than it should've been. I especially liked the finale, ending with quote from the antagonist, claiming she would return. If you haven't seen WikiStarter's other works, I recommend you do, because his power to add suspence to whatever he types down is outstanding. I can't think of anything that should lower my rating from five stars.

5 stars/5 stars | Good Job!

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