Hello, I'm the Fanfiction Critic reviewing GumbalFan2's The Building saga!

The Building saga is a two-part saga, and the FIRST multiple part saga on the wiki. I am not kidding. This fanfiction was made on the same day of the wiki's creation! You would expect it to be bad, would it? Nope! The plot? Excellent. The cast? Excellent. The length? Disappointing. A good saga like this HAS to be more than two parts. It wasn't, which really angered me. Anyways, on to the plot.


Gumball and his friends find an old museum and find people demolishing it. Angry, they engage in "war" to stop the destruction of the museum. In the process, the main antagonist, the 3D cube employee, is killed. The museum's status is deteriorated from the war and is now beyond repair. Gumball, Bobert and Darwin receive heavy injuries.

. . . Yup, that is the first multiple part fanfiction of the wiki. And, in my eyes, it was a masterpiece. Needs more parts, though. The war scene wasn't descriptive enough for my taste, it could've been better. But, I don't really care.


--MissingNo. here! Talk with me! 02:21, December 25, 2011 (UTC)

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