Hello, I'm the Fanfiction Critic reviewing Darwin 3288765's The Case saga! (NOTE: I am no longer doing requests.)

The Case is a five-part saga about a criminal named Emily Cartridge going to court for her actions against Gumball Watterson. In case you do not understand this, read Emily's Vengeance saga for more information. Anyways, she is pushed into court and is faced by the rest of Gumball's family, with the soon-to-be journalist, Dan Livingstone. As he reports on the "Cartridge VS Watterson" case, which is what the court battle is known as throughout the saga, Emily's attorney must find a way to show that Emily is innocent. As expected, the verdict is Guilty. That is my one issue with this saga. Who DIDN'T expect that? I'm sorry, but what I want in a fanfiction is usually a bit of suspense, and this didn't cut it. Otherwise, Darwin 3288765 used the Transcript form of writing really well, and I could actually imagine the whole thing. Very nice and descriptive, this saga has everything you could want. Good plot, good cast, good vivid details- but not suspense.

4 / 5 stars

Stay updated for the next review! And see you later!

MissingNo. here! Talk with me! 03:14, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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