Hello, I'm the Fanfiction Critic reviewing Gumball2's The Yearbook saga! Requested by Gumball2.

The Yearbook is a long, 10 part saga, making it the longest saga on the wiki! Masami edits Darwin's yearbook description and the school ends up hating him. What's not to love in this saga? Something about the plot makes you want to keep reading again and again, until you've read all 10 parts. The best part: this was achieved with little to no use of cliffhangers. The fanfiction was pretty funny, although the very dark parts were a little unfavorable for me. For example, Darwin attempting to hang himself was an uncharacteristic move. The plot overall really made it look like that was no big deal. Because it's a fanfiction, anything could happen! Haven't read any other of Gumball2's works? They are all impressive!

4.5/5 stars | Impressive!

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