Hello, I'm the Fanfiction Critic reviewing FanFStory's New Student saga!

New Student, the first of FanFStory's new fanfictions; that she DOES plan to finish. To be honest, her lack of finished fanfictions that always seem to leave me wondering what's next is unfavorable in my eyes. If she does ever plan to finish it... I'm getting off topic here. Sorry.

Anyways, this story comes after almost every "Emily Cartridge" fanfiction on the wiki. Despite this, it has a similar plot to The New, with a twist. It's not finished, but it is becoming to be very good.


Gumball Watterson gets in a pretty weird situation when Emily Cartridge, his psychotic ex-girlfriend, visits school again (under parole). Surprisingly enough, she does not try to win Gumball back. Instead, she befriends Masami (unrequited) and asks her to date Gumball in a bizarre attempt to... do what? I don't know.

Nice plot, nice cast, nice twists. I like it. I like it ALL. Minor bumps, such as the lack of details, couldn't let me give this five stars. Oh, the fact that Emily wasn't all over Gumball was a bit disrupting too. I mean, it's not in her persnality to let him slip like that.

3.8 / 5 stars

FanFStory, I know you just got back. This is okay, just try harder.

MissingNo. here! Talk with me! 04:30, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

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