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Vascheti Bovanni (also known as The Terrorist King) is one of the biggest villains in the TAWoG and Marvel Universes.  His famous quote is "Death is the key solution for the good and the evil"


Vascheti Bovanni grew up in Wales when he was 9 years old.  His family was robbed and killed by by a group called "The Minnikan Group" and he was the only survivor of the family.  He then knew that the Minnikans were actually protecting Wales and the rest of England, so Vascheti created the first ever nuclear mutant bomb in Wales, and dropped it over London.  His attack was not successful, because of one of the Royal guards picking it up with super strength, and Vascheti got furious and killed King Edward.  Vascheti was about to get hanged, until he escaped from the prison cell and went back to his home.  His home was in ashes and all his childhood memories were ashes as well, so Vascheti screamed so loud that it killed over 2,000 people and injured 3,900.  Vascheti then realized that he could make serums for his DNA to give him a special group of powers called The Ten Servings of Justice.  He then injected them into his arm and became 100x more stronger.  In the movie, he calls on dead enemies from Marvel, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Resident Evil, and so many other universes.  He then is killed by the Wattersons and sent back to Wales to live in prison forever.

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