Summary -

A short humor story where Gumball wakes-up but gets into accidents during the morning.

Plot-Lines -

(Gumball wakes-up.)

Gumball: Ah! It feels like a good day to wake-up!

(Gumball jumps out of bed only to land on a skateboard, which moves and makes him hit his head.)

Gumball: OW! Who left this here?

(Gumball opens the closet to put the skateboard away and a mountain of toys crushes him.)

Gumball: Who left all these -cough- toys here?

(Gumball digs-out of the mountains of toys and opens the door. He walks to the stairs but slips on a banana peel, causing him to slide down the stairs and hurt himself.)

Gumball: This morning is really - OW! - starting-out bad. What could make it worse?

(As Gumball sits on the couch he lands on some push-pins.)

Gumball: OW!!!!! What the -?!

(Gumball uncovers the push-pins and plucks them off his butt painfully.)

Gumball: Note to self: Never say what could make it worse.

(Gumball walks to the kitchen and gets slammed in the face by the refrigerator door, which Nicole was opening at the exact time Gumball came in the kitchen.)

Nicole: Oh Gumball! I'm sory! I didn't know you were there!

Gumball: It's OK mom. I've been through worse.

Nicole: What happened?

Gumball: Let's see. I hit my hease 'cause of the skateboard, toys crushed me as I opened the door to put-up the skateboard, I slipped on a banana peel someone left on the floor -

Nicole: I think the banana peel was Richard's fault.

Gumball: Oh, and I sat on some push-pins and you hurt my face with the refrigerator door.

Richard: -walking from the door- A normal day at the Watterson house!


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