Werewolf Sullvan (later reformed into WereDog.) in a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball Fanfiction. His first apperence was in The Jelly.

He is the werewolf verson of Sullvan.


He appears to look alot like Sullvan. But his ears are furrier and his body is to. His hair and tail are wrinkled.

He is a little we-bit darker and his eyes are green. He has really spikey teeth.

In Season Two, he is just like Sullvan. Hair thicker, no triangle,and dark fur. But his teeth are no longer spikey nor his fur. When he is in his tornado form, he is the color of Gumball's Season Two form and his pupil's shape is the same shape of jelliousy's pupil's shape.


He was first seen it The Jelly when he sees Penny holding up some jelliton and he transforms.He can easily stop an angry mob. Whenever he sees jelly, he starts to take over Sullvan. He is like this because a docter added a wrong medicane that is half werewolf half jelly.


.His eyes glow green.

.He gets furrier.

.He gets darker 

.He spins so fast he turns into an tornado. Even if he's not becoming Werewolf.


When Sullvan spins to Destroy Elmore,Delmore, and The Watterson's house. Gumball and carrie pull a rope he can trip on and Tina,Penny,Jammie,and Leslie. make a giant puddle for his saftey.

When Werewolf Sullvan trips on the rope, He fall into a puddle and lands so hards he makes an earthquake and splashes alot of mud all over every one and becomes back to his normal dog mode. 


He was about to be named Jelly.

.He is the forth virus to affect someone. While the other three are The Black Ooz from Disease, Jellousy from The Flower, Good luck from The Helmet, and Bad luck from The Curse. Altough, he only affects Sullvan.

.If you read the tilte for Death, it is likely noted that Werewolf Sullvan died. Or Did he.....

.In Sulllvan's page, Sullvan is suppose to be the final character so Werewolf Sullvan never exist. Possibly it was a error.

.Unlkie him being and controlling Sullvan, He yet never screams.

The Clones somewhat don't care about jelly.

I is unknown if Werewolf Sullvan is a clone.

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