What If is a series that shows what would've happened if certain events in the Gumball fanon didn't happen or did happen. For the second episode, we explore the question: What If Darwin's Suicide Attempt in The Yearbook was Successful?


When Gumball opened the door, he had what he was going to say running through his mind. But then, he discovered something that made all those things vanish. He saw Darwin on the ground, not moving. He then noticed a piece of rope on the ceiling. Gumball then noticed big creases at the end of the rope, ones that were usually formed from when a rope is tied for a while but then got loose. Gumball then realized what was going on, it seemed as if Dawin had attempted to hang himself, but the noose got loose.

Whatever happened, Darwin wasn't breathing. Gumball, began to panic, and shook Darwin's body. "Darwin! Darwin! Come on body, don't die on me!" It didn't work. Darwin's lifeless body lay before him. Gumball fainted.


After Darwin's death, Elmore realized the seriousness of bullying, and more strict laws were placed against it. Masami was arrested and remained in jail for 4 months (ironically, her cell-mate was Emily Cartridge). Darwin's death day became a national holiday of remourse. Gumball never really got over the death of Darwin, and after a few months he, too, commited suicide out of grief.

Author's Note

I have noticed that my What If- series is really depressing, so next "episode" I will make one that will not be nessicarily depressing. Thanks, and have a great day. GumballFan23 05:27, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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