What If is a series that shows what would've happened if certain events in the Gumball fanon didn't happen or did happen. For the first episode, we explore the question: What If Stace Lost the Fight with Emily?


If you've never seen Emily strike her shovel at you, you've never been in a fight. The attack slammed me into the wall, but I slipped as I side-stepped. I landed hard on the floor, and I thought my ankle was broken. Emily grabbed my shirt collar and threw me into the wall. Despretaly trying to get-up, I grabbed a mob nearby and stood-up, but by then Emily was gone. I collapsed in disbelief. Emily got away - and it was all my fault.

I awoke in a hospital bed, surrounded by the Watersons. They were wearing black clothes.

"He - he's -", I stuttered, but was interrupted by Anias, who pointed to the TV.

A newsreporter was on. "And in latest news, Emily Cartridge is still at large. But just yesterday, one of her victims were found. Gumball Watterson passed-away at an unknown time, as confirmed by an autotopsy. He was one of Emily's victims, and police say it all started after Gumball broke-up their relationship. A friend, Stace Stuffings, was injured trying to rescue them. And -"

Nicole turned-off the tv and began crying. So the family. And so did I. I did the most crying, and I know it. This would've never happened if I hadn't screwed-up. None of this should've happened.


Two weeks after Stace found-out that Gumball had died, Emily was found dead - run over by a car. Penny's body was never found - and probably never will be. Out of depression, the Wattersons secluded themselves from society. After Nicole got fired from the Rinbow Factory because she missed two months of work, the family lost their car, and their house. They lived in a homeless shelter. Meanwhile, Stace also never recovered from Gumball's death, and was never seen again after disappearing into the woods one Saturday mourning.

Special Thanks to:

WikiStarter for writing the story for the first issue of What If-.

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