Where in The World is Penny Sandiego?


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Gumball tries to find Penny for a party.

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Gumball tries to find Penny before the party starts.


The episode begins with Gumball and a few of the other classmates learning about another party at Tobias' house. Even before Gumball could ask them, everyone finds a date. Gumball doesn't want to make the same mistake made last time, so he heads to Penny's house after school. Penny's sister opens the door and tells Gumball she isn't there. Gumball goes to the cheerleading room, but only finds Molly who is trying-out new pom-poms. He then goes to Penny's favorite store: Peanuty Fashion but still doesn't find them. Gumball is saddened by this and is forced to go with Tina again. Gumball then sings a song about finding her. However, at The Party, Gumball notices Penny isn't there either. He asks Tobias where she is, to his reply: "She said she was looking for you." Just at that moment there's a knock on the door and Penny and Hector come in. Gumball, obviously sad, sneaks into the bathroom while no one notices. Gumball washes his face and tries to jump-out the window. However, that doesn't work. Embarrassed to be seen, Gumball desguises himself with a towel and sneaks-out, right before being spotted by Bobert. Just as everyone looks at Gumball, Miss Simian and Principal Brown "bust" the party again. Gumball escapes out the front door and starts to cry. Penny steps-out the door as well and notices Gumball. After a few akward sentences with each other they go in for the kiss (that easily, huh?) but are inturrupted by Tobias' Mom and Dad arriving. The dad screams "Who are you kids? What are you doin here?" To which Gumball and Penny run for their lives. The end.


  • This name is homage to the TV shows of Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego.
  • This is the first appearance of Tobias' Dad.
  • Sandiego is NOT Penny's last name. It is Fitzgerald