Where In The World is Penny Sandiego? (song)





Gumball Watterson, A Voice





Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego? is a song sung by Gumball in the fanfiction "Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego?" It is a song about finding Penny.


Voice: Bow-wop. Bo-bo-bo wop. Bow-wop. Bo-bo-bo wop.

Gumball: She isn't in the bookstore and she isn't in the hall. She isn't in Peanuty Fashion and she isn't quite as tall (as me). Now where in the world is -

Voice: (deep voice) Penny Sandiego.

Gumball: I've been looking for her all morning, and I haven't found a trace (of her). I just can't find her plus she looks like my friend Stace. Now where in the world is -

Voice: (deep voice) Penny Sandiego.

Gumball: She goes to her house, then my house, and Juke's house and Bobert's House. Then back to my house and her house and maybe at the party!

Voice: (light voice) Woo! Chicky-chicky bang bang! Woo! Chicky-chicky bang bang!


  • Sandiego is not actually Penny's last name. The title is a play of a game show known as "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?".
  • This song is a homage to the theme song of the same particular game show mentioned above.

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