In order to make this wiki a fun and relaxing place for everyone, there are rules that must be followed.

If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask a Staff member for help.

Rule One: All fanfictions and characters should include an infobox with full information.

Rule Two: All pages must have at least one category attached, and it must be related.

Rule Three: Sequels to fanfictions and such should be accessed through the infobox, instead of the search engine.

Rule Four: Out of date infoboxes should be updated as soon as possible.

Rule Five: Fanfictions that are in need of organization and correct spelling may be edited by other users without permission of the author. DO NOT use this excuse to spam another reader's story.



Rule Eight: No Bullying or harassing other users.

Rule Nine: If a page has hardly anything on there after a year, it might be deleted.

Rule Ten: If you post something that belongs in a blog (like an announcement, etc), please do not make it a page, make it a blog or thread.

Rule Eleven: Please don't Edit farm or Badge farm. Edit farming is when someone repeatedly edits a page (or multiple pages) and doesn't actually do anything.

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